An inside look at making clothes: 360° factory tour

1 Jun 2023

Venture behind the scenes of the Song Hong Garment factory, a Better Work- participating factory in Viet Nam.

This 360, immersive reality video gives a fascinating insight into the meticulous processes that deliver the clothes we wear every day. From initial design to final packaging, the production line brims with technological innovations, skilled craftsmanship, and robust quality control systems. Watch the video below:

Today, Better Work extends across 13 different countries, working with more than 2,000 factories similar to Song Hong Garment factory.

In these countries, Better Work aids in fostering sustainable business practices, supporting compliance with labour standards, and promoting fair treatment, safe and healthy working conditions, and transparency within the garment industry. Each participating factory embraces the goal of achieving improved working conditions and productivity, underlining the fact that success in the global economy need not come at the expense of workers’ rights and wellbeing.

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