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Better Work Strategy, 2022-27

Better Work’s strategy for 2022 to 2027 is the evolution of the work that Better Work has been doing at the factory, country and global levels for the past 20 years.

Our path has led from one country programme in 2001 to a successful expansion to 13 countries worldwide, with more to come. The approach we are taking now reflects our future vision for the global garment industry – and beyond – to create long-term, progressive change for workers and businesses that can be managed outside of the immediate scope of Better Work.
This new strategic phase builds on Better Work’s proven models of impact and strong partnerships across the supply chain, with an increased focus on tackling the fundamental challenges that have stymied sustainable change and that were clearly exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. With this new strategy, Better Work will turn the current crisis into an opportunity to forge a more sustainable, resilient, inclusive, transparent and just garment industry.
We remain committed to working with our partners to replicate our well-proven methods, and we are also doubling down on our support to national institutions in garment countries. Better Work was able to swiftly respond to the pandemic and provide essential support to constituents and industry stakeholders. But the new industry context now requires the programme to further adapt and adjust to new and changing realities.

We aim to accomplish these four key goals by 2027

Employers and workers and their representatives uphold and are protected by national labour laws and fundamental principles and rights at work; enterprises in the sector that have emerged from the COVID-19 crisis are more sustainable, resilient and inclusive.

Better Work’s factory level engagement means working with partner factories to improve compliance with international labour standards and national regulations. During the COVID-19 crisis, we integrated technology to facilitate virtual and hybrid (virtual and in-person) assessments; we have partnered with government labour inspectors for more reliable access to factories and to improve the long-term sustainability of our method and results. We aim to introduce new technological tools as well as expand partnerships with government labour inspectorates or data-sharing initiatives. Creating conditions for decent work at the factory level is crucial to resilient and competitive businesses.


Better Work’s impact on workers, businesses and compliance is sustained by national institutions that leverage the programme’s approaches, data and evidence.

Better Work aims to extend proven methods for improving working conditions and businesses by strengthening the capability and capacity of national and industry stakeholders. This means using partnership programmes and trainings with governments, employers and workers to enable national actors to take ownership of their own industry and support its growth and progress going forward.


Enterprises that participate in Better Work have adopted policies and practices on responsible business conduct that support the realization of decent work.

Healthy and ambitious partnerships with global brands, who have the power and reach to proactively transform their supply chains, are at the core of this goal. We pledge to work with brands to help increase visibility in factories and facilitate improved communication between buyers and suppliers. Specific initiatives will include brand staff training through the Better Work Academy and our introductory e-Learning, which offers a primer on ethical purchasing practices. These and other initiatives encourage supply chain transparency and ethical behavioural change.


By 2027, Better Work’s learnings and methods have created positive social and environmental impacts beyond the programme as they are adopted in other countries and sectors.

This final goal is all about influence and expansion. We have seen the proven positive results of our work – in both improving the quality of work and life for workers and in improving the health and success of businesses large and small. We aim to use our influence to expand the reach of our methodology and results beyond our current country programmes, and beyond the garment sector, for maximum positive impact for the world of work.


Priority themes

Better Work has identified a set of priority themes embedded in our work. It is our central goal to advance long-term, sustainable change.

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