Better Work Jordan Annual Report 2018: An Industry And Compliance Review

3 May 2018

As a collaborative effort and partnership between the Intentional Labour Organization and the International Finance Cooperation, Better Work’s all-encompassing programme focuses on bringing stakeholder’s from the garment industry to improve the working conditions of workers and advocate for labour rights. The programme additionally aims to place Jordan on the global industry map by promoting decent working conditions of the local apparel industry. With activities spanning advising, assessing, and training, Better Work is committed to producing public annual reports highlighting achievements and remaining challenges with an overall mission to further increase transparency and raise awareness among relevant parties and communities at large. Aggregated data from factory assessments along with other interactions with factories and industry stakeholders have helped the programme prepare public annual reports to share the compliance status of participating factories and provide a snapshot of the industry.

Better Work Jordan Annual Report 2018: An Industry and Compliance Review presents findings and observations from 74 factory assessments completed in January – December 2017, which represent about 93 percent participating factories and employ over 62,000 workers. The data reports compliance with labour standards and working conditions based on the eight Better Work clusters:

♦ Child Labour

♦ Discrimination

♦ Forced Labour

♦ Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

♦ Compensation

♦ Contracts and Human Resources

♦ Occupational Safety and Health

♦ Working Time

Assessment findings are complemented with observations recorded through Better Work’s interactions with relevant stakeholders in addition to observations identified through the programme’s advisory and training services.

Click here to download the report.

Please read here to read the statement of the Project Advisory Committee (PAC) about this report.

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