Better Factories Cambodia Annual Report 2020: An Industry and Compliance Review

31 May 2020

“As Better Factories Cambodia approaches its 20th anniversary, we, along with our constituents, can proudly reflect on how far the industry has come since 2001. Over the years, Cambodia has established itself as an important player in the global garment sector, one where good working and business conditions are becoming increasingly aligned. Despite both recent and ongoing challenges, there is still great potential in this sector, and our priority is to leverage this potential – ensuring a more sustainable, compliant, innovative and safe sector for workers and employers. We look forward to continuing to work with our constituents and industry partners on this journey.” Sara Park – Programme Manager

Better Factories Cambodia’s latest annual report highlights factories’ assessment results and key initiatives from the past year. Our report details how Better Factories Cambodia has innovated to create new leadership programmes for factories, focusing on occupational safety and health and industrial relations. The programme has continued to serve as a convening partner for industry stakeholders, including helping broker a joint MoU to create an agenda for sustainable change in the sector. The report has a revamped design, intended to enable quick insights for readers into the recent progress and remaining challenges in the garment sector.

Building better workplaces with partners

“The ’Building Bridges’ project is bringing together the public and private sectors in a new way, providing participants with a platform to build trust, raise concerns, look for solutions and discuss the future. It can establish channels to discuss a common approach to improve working conditions.”

Safer transport improves workers’ wellbeing

“I changed from truck to bus because I am concerned about the impact on workers. The bus is safer as it has space for commuters to sit”, Transportation driver who joined the programme

Two more factories entered our high-performing category

There are three High Performing Factories so far in Cambodia, of which two are new in 2019 (one from 2018).


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